Trichotomy, tripod, or…?

How do we decide what is a true doctrine, which all Christians should assent to and proclaim and live out? Some theologians maintain that we can, and must, draw sharp dividing-lines between using Scripture, using tradition, and using logic for this purpose. However, this claim does not stand up to scrutiny; it might be more accurate to say that Scripture, tradition and logic are three legs of a tripod — all three of which must provide support if the doctrinal structure is not to fall over.
There is another option, for those who fear the unpopularity that the “tripod” option might bring with it: they could trim their sails to the wind, by assenting to, and proclaiming, and living out, those doctrines and only those doctrines of which the secular authorities approved as of the present moment — but then the religion to which they adhered would be something provisional, mutable and trivial, which would rapidly lose any superficial resemblance to Christianity that it might at first have.


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