A fashionable false religion

A false religion has become fashionable. These are some of its doctrines:
There is a Deity, and we have sinned against Her
We deserve punishment for our sins, but a way of salvation has been offered to us sinners
There is still just enough time for us to repent and be saved
We must earn our salvation by performing good works
These good works include public performance of rituals, compliance with dietary laws, and not infringing taboos

This false religion has no High Priest, but it has saints and prophets and sages who are venerated. It has no Holy City and no temples, but it does have countless shrines. It has no inspired writings, but it does have a large body of devotional literature.

Many of the people who claim to believe in this false religion are hypocrites — they do not believe in it, but they want to give the impression that they are Good People who do believe in it even though they perform few or none of the good works that it requires. Some of the people who claim to believe in this false religion are opportunists who are set on engineering a power-grab, or on using this false religion as a money-spinner, under camouflage. One way they can squeeze money out of their chosen victims is the selling of indulgences to people who cannot stop sinning, but want to assuage their feelings of guilt.

This fashionable false religion is… Environmentalism. Other false religions are available.

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