War and peace and…

Proverbially, Germany lost the war, but won the peace. (To put it more accurately, the German Reich lost the Second World War, but the Federal Republic of Germany won the subsequent peace by becoming a major economic power.)
Totalitarianism, in the form of Marxist-Leninism, lost the Cold War; but in the Western world — which declared itself victorious at the end of the Cold War — a new, equally transgressive, form of totalitarianism has been taking an ever-firmer grip on power during recent decades of peace and prosperity.
Life in the Western world has become more regimented and rule-bound under this new totalitarianism; but paradoxically, illogic and confusion and disorder and chaos seem to intrude more often into our peace. Perhaps the totalitarians’ efforts to make the harsh reality of a fallen world conform to their utopian ideology are having perverse effects.

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